New Studio

New Studio

new Sawtry studio

Lets Start Over

2021 is a fresh start for me, some of it my choosing and some of it not.

I definitely did not choose to be closed since Christmas BUT it has allowed me to to create something really beautiful. Something that I am really proud of.

Those of you that know me know that I started in my lounge, then a teeny tiny studio at my old house. In 2018 we moved to a big commercial unit. There was so much space it was all a bit lost.

Fast forward to 4th January 2021 and building has commenced on my brand new studio.


Everything was designed specifically for me on the build, including lovely big windows to enable me to use natural light if I choose (I missed that option at the Yaxley studio!) I picked where all my sockets were going and even had my tv cable put into the wall so it all looks tidy with no wires dangling anywhere.

Built by the fabulous Darren of Ellis&Co. Property Care

We quickly realised we need to sort out a good pathway to the new studio. Not being overly attached to the standard new build patio slabs, we saw that as a super opportunity to swap them for some we did like. Project 2!

We also found out how lumpy our lawn was! Hence the mud and seed mix!

Whats Inside?

Now we are a mere 5 days away from reopening, I’m sure you’d like to see the inside right?!

I went ALL OUT.  New furniture, new samples, a massive clear out and a few new props too.

Here it is!

I have put everything I have into this space, and we have a very cool “wall of light”

“Whats that” I hear you say?! Its basically lots and lots of LED panels mounted to the wall and then covered with LOTS of voile to give a gorgeous backlit window effect. Something I used to do with just my studio light, resulting in lots of editing. This now allows me to easily shoot whole families with minimal editing required. Win!

It looks like this. (my girls were super pumped to test this for me LOL)

I can’t wait to see you again xo new Sawtry studio

Reopening after Lockdown 3

Reopening after Lockdown 3

reopening after lockdown 3

I am so excited to reopen, this latest lockdown has been absolutley BRUTAL. We have homeschooled again. We have had deliveries rather than going out to the shops. And it has been winter. Winter weather affects me most normal years, so the fact that we have had to remain in our homes without the usual social interaction has been incredibly difficult.

Now we have a rough timeline for ditching these restrictions I do feel so much more positive, even though they are not definite dates, I am happy that I know the plan.

So I have now had time to put together my plan for reopening my business. And not just reopening my business in gerneral but reopening my BRAND NEW STUDIO!

Seperate blog post to show you that very soon!

reopening after lockdown 3

So let me explain…

The studio is probably going to smell of dettol – if you had a session with me after the last lockdown then you already know that! Absolutley everything will be washed/cleaned before you visit – if its wipeable it will be wiped. If its not washable or wipeable then it will be sprayed with disinfectant.

I will be leaving a day in between all of my clients, this is to allow me to open up the doors when you leave and air the entire room. It allows me time to clean everything and also allow time for the room to just be empty. This may seem a little O.T.T. but with most of my clients being babies I feel it is better to go a little overboard here.


There will be sanisiter for you to use on arrival and for you to use as much as you like throughtout the session. I will have my own bottle right next to me that I will be usuing thoughout too.

I will be masked – I have decided to keep this in place on a permanent basis when shooting newborns due to the close proximity to these tiny little people. I ask that you also wear a mask (as this is still the rules) unless you are being photographed. If you are exempt, I do request a face shield. I ask this because this protects me and my family, and in turn protects you guys too.

Standard practice for me is that all of my props are wiped down after use, and anything that is washable is washed. For those things in the studio that can’t be wiped or washed they will be sprayed with disinfectant.

reopening after lockdown 3

Bookings now open!

Booking is now open for all session types –

Priority is being first given to prebooked newborn clients.

The Studio

The Studio

So this post is a little late..I have been intending to write a blog post on the new studio pretty much since I moved in, but life hey?! And better late than never haha!

So we have made the move from our little garden studio in Sawtry to a much bigger and better space over in Yaxley.

I think the new Peterborough studio can fit my old one into it more than THREE times! Its honestly just so huge. I absolutely love having so much space now.

When we have older siblings attending their newborn sessions with their new little siblings, they now have space to relax and watch a DVD. So if they want to stay with mum and dad they can do.

I also have room for a bigger backdrop, a huge plus point for me as it is a massive help in editing not to have everything squashed onto a smaller backdrop. It also means that I can accommodate studio family sessions – something I have until now been unable to offer. Most families do choose to have their family sessions in the beautiful outdoors.

I had great fun picking out new furniture and ordering some lovely fresh samples from my lab, allowing me to show you the gorgeous printed products I can provide in addition to your digital packages.

It definitely made a huge difference when we did last years Christmas Mini Sessoins..that extra space made building the setup a breeze! And I was able to do it more in advance, taking the pressure off my other shoots. Its the little things.

Cant wait to see you there!

Goodbye 2018 | Hello 2019

Goodbye 2018 | Hello 2019

Happy New Year!

I had such a fabulous 2018 – thank you all so much for your support and for keeping me so busy. Its already getting busy over in the studio as we start this year off.

Last year we had 51 newborns, 23 sitters, 25 cake smashes, not to mention all the maternity and outdoor family sessions! One of these days I will be organised and create a collage to include an image from every session I shoot..but for now here is a small selection of what I got up to in 2018 with my newborn and baby clients.

baby photographer PeterboroughI am yet to shoot the first baby born in 2019, but they have arrived and will be in the studio next week! I do have a few spaces for sessions towards the end of January if you would like to get booked in.

I’m also toying with doing some little Valentines Minis…what do you think?!

Sarah xx

Recent Training

Sarah of Sweet Baby Photography is a Peterborough newborn photographer located in Peterborough, England. Sarah creates quality timeless images of your newborns, babies, and the families that love them. Serving Peterborough, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire and surrounding communities.

I have been meaning to blog this for weeks!

Back in April, I traveled with a photographer friend all the way to Canada to train with one of the best newborn photographers in the industry – Sandra Hill.

The whole experience was just AMAZING! We were in Canada for just 3 days, but we managed to see the stunning Niagara Falls, it snowed, and had a walk around downtown Toronto– needless to say I was exhausted when we got back!


The stunning Niagara Falls


Peterborough Newborn Photographer | Sweet Baby Photography | http://sweetbaby.photographyPeterborough Newborn Photographer | Sweet Baby Photography | http://sweetbaby.photographyPeterborough Newborn Photographer | Sweet Baby Photography |

Just a few images to show what we got up to on our training day, I know that we both took away so much knowledge from Sandra. We did a lot of work on wrapping baby, as almost every baby that walks through the door will LOVE to be wrapped. For them, its like being back in the womb when they are so snuggled and secure. It also looks absolutely stunning in a variety of different set ups. I mastered the bucket shot, something I have been trying to figure out for so long – all I needed was an awesome teacher!

None of it would have been possible without my Dad and my husband holding the fort at home, I am lucky to have such a wonderfully supportive family at home.

Professional Products

Sarah of Sweet Baby Photography is a Peterborough newborn photographer located in Peterborough, England. Sarah creates quality timeless images of your newborns, babies, and the families that love them. Serving Peterborough, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire and surrounding communities.

We all love our photographs, right?!

But its what we DO with them that really counts.  Sure, its great to look at them on the computer or on your phone.

But what about these…

Peterborough Newborn Photographer | Sweet Baby Photography |

Beautifully handmade organic wood blocks of your favourite images for a real wow on your wall, and something amazing to keep for years to come.


Peterborough Baby Photographer | Sweet Baby Photography |

Make them into a fun storyboard as a wonderful memento of your babies First Birthday cake smash!


Peterborough Newborn Photographer | Sweet Baby Photography |

Or why not create a gorgeous Linen bound keepsake album of your favourite images.

Seriously, PRINTING your images is priceless and its something we all need to do more of.


Sarah xxx