All things baby: Best Baby Apps for New Parents

We live in a modern world, and with that literally comes an app for EVERYTHING. So here we are – my take on the best baby apps right now.

Whether your just found out you are expecting, whether you only have a few weeks left, or even if you are a few weeks into you new mum life, I have compiled my top pregnancy and baby apps.

Hopefully there is one in here that you will find useful – let me know!

Best baby apps: #1 Peanut


This is a brilliant app, and one that I am still using myself (even with a 9 and 12 year old we still need these things!)

Think dating app for mums.

Swipe to match or discard.

You set the distance you are ok with travelling to and the app will show you mums/mums to be in your area and you can read a little about them. If you both swipe then you can make contact.

Sounds great right?! It is – as a self employed mum of two I do struggle on the social side of things and this has been a bit of a lifeline. I have actually met a good friend through this app.

Probably my favourite.

AVAILABLE FOR: ios and android

COST: Free with paid extras

best baby apps
best baby apps

#2 Pregnancy+


Pregnancy+ is a fab and fun way to track your pregnancy from week to week.

What I loved most about this app was the baby size guide – it shows baby’s size equivalent in relatable ways ie a piece of fruit! Super fun and funny on some weeks.

But aside from the fun aspect there is also lots of fab information on what to expect from week to week, from how you might be feeling to how your baby is developing.

There is even a baby name section which is great for those who like to plan ahead (or those who need some suggestions?!)


AVAILABLE FOR: ios and android

COST: Free with paid extras

Best baby apps: #3 Baby+


You guessed it – the follow on from pregnancy+!

You are able to track your baby’s growth and weight, learn which milestones you could expect to see met from week-week and month-month.


There is so much information and support available through this app, from birth recovery to breastfeeding advice.


Not to be missed!


AVAILABLE FOR: ios and android

COST: Free with paid extras

best baby apps
best baby apps

#4 Baby Shusher


Next on our list of best baby apps: Baby Shusher!

If you have ever had a newborn session with me then you already know how I feel about this app!

There is no way I would have made it through the first few weeks without this. It’s literally the best!

It’s great for normal white noise as it’ll dampen noisy siblings but even better when you have a crying baby.

A good confident SHHHHH without tiring yourself out.

Several timer options for more prolonged periods of crying – Phoebe was like clockwork every night 6-12 and this was a godsend.

Worth the money!

AVAILABLE FOR: ios and android

COST: £4.49

#5 Bibino monitor app


This is a super app for when you are away from home visiting family etc.

In a nutshell, it will turn any 2 devices into a monitor and call to let you know if baby is stirring or waking.

You can even talk through it to soothe baby back to sleep.

We used it while we were on holiday in our villa, as taking the baby monitor from home seemed like a bit much to pack. It kept us all fully in the loop whether our nephew was sleeping or not.

AVAILABLE FOR: ios and android

COST: £28.49 per year

best baby apps

I really hope that you guys find some of these useful. They are definitely worth checking out anyway.

Obviously there are loads of other options out there right now, and more being added all the time.

The apps that I have listed here are the ones I have used personally, or that my lovely sister-in-law Angela has used for her little boy.

Planning for your new arrival is super exciting, and there is such a lot to do! From the nursery, to your hospital bag and much more.

Planning for and booking a photography session for your new baby, whilst choosing to find the Find the best Newborn Photography Sessions near you is a huge decision.

There is so much to consider when weighing up the options that are available to you.

In this blog post I’m going to address some key areas of consideration that will help you make an informed decision.

Choosing the Best Newborn Photography Sessions: Things to Consider

Training: How Much Experience Does Your Photographer have?

This is probably the most important thing to check for – an experienced newborn photographer will be able to handle your baby safely while they photograph them. 

Keeping your baby safe is the most important aspect of a newborn photoshoot, so it’s essential to ensure that the professional you choose has plenty of experience and expertise in handling newborns.

A professional photographer should know how to pose and support your new baby in a way that is safe and comfortable for them. They should also be aware of how to settle and calm them if they become upset at any point.


An established newborn photographer will have plenty of reviews for you to read and check them out.

Opinions matter. And it is worth taking some time to read these and hear what other new parents have to say about your baby photographer. You are going to want to make sure that you like what you see, or I’d recommend moving on pretty swiftly! Take your time and do your research.

You can see reviews from my clients here.


When looking around for your newborn photographer, the first thing you will do (most likely) is check out their images – if you like them, you’ll keep looking. Obvious, right?!

It’s really important to choose a photographer whose style you love. It’s a truly unique experience and it can’t be repeated later.

So are you considering posed newborn photography sessions with props?  Or maybe a lifestyle shoot?
Only you can decide that but having a clear idea of how you want your finished images to look will really help you in deciding which newborn photographer to hire.

Posed newborn photography sessions will likely take place in the photographers studio, so also make sure that you are happy to travel to them for this. Posed sessions have a lot more “stuff” than a lifestyle session. There will be props, as well as a lighting setup to account for. If you specifically want a photographer to come to your home, this needs to be checked very early on, as not all will offer this.

Lifestyle photography sessions are more likely to take place in your home, so you’ll need to be prepared for a good old tidy up to make everything photo worthy on the day of your session. Definitely something to be aware of if you are anything like me!


Ok I saved the big one for last. Probably not the most popular topic here..

When it comes to newborn photography sessions, you really do get what you pay for.

A professional and insured photographer who specialises in newborns is not going to work with you for £50 – and whilst low prices may seem tempting, they are likely too good to be true.

That being said, I understand that everyone has a budget in mind when setting out to buy a product or service.

Choosing the Best Newborn Photography Sessions near you.

What About Sweet Baby Photography? What Do I Offer?

At my photography studio I offer posed newborn portraits, they are baby led to ensure your newborns safety and comfort throughout. All my photoshoots take place within my comfortable studio in Sawtry, near Huntingdon.

I’ll offer you a variety of beautiful poses and setups while I monitor your baby’s wants and needs throughout. We will take our time, and you can expect to be with me for 2-3 hours while we complete everything.

After your session you’ll be invited back to the studio to view your edited images, this is normally around 7-10 days later. At this point, you’ll select the package that suits you the best.

If you want to find out more about how I work or get booked in with me, please feel free to get in touch here or visit my newborn page for more information.